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Home Sleep and Neuromuscular Disorders

Home Sleep Apnea Devices

Standard set-ups include, small, quiet Auto- CPAP and Auto- BIPAP, devices.  For complex sleep diagnosis, AVAPS and IVAPS are available.

Neuromuscular Devices

We offer Auto-BIPAPS with back-up rates, IVAPS and Non-Invasive Ventilators. For portability, we offer the following battery operated airway clearing devices:  Cough AssistAfflovests, Suction and Nebulizer Machines.   

Our Program

Respiratory Therapists set up and educate patients on PAP Therapy devices. Patient's progress is followed through an internet based program.

For better humidification and to prevent excess condensation, we use climate line tubing, on all devices, and offer free loaners, in the event of equipment failures.

We stock the latest Mask and Nasal Application Devices and offer a 30 day guaranteed, mask, exchange program.

As a result, of our patient centered programs, Health Care Solutions Group, Inc.'s compliance rates exceed the national average.

For additional equipment and supplies, we encourage you to visit our online catalog